King Boromir Wrynn
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Character Class: Paladin, Warrior, Fighter
Affiliation: Kingdom of Stormwind
Alliance of Lordaeron
Knights of the Silver Hand
Occupation: King of Stormwind, Knight of the Silver Hand, High Commander of the Stormwinds Forces
Location: Buried in the Valley of Kings, Stormwind City (next to his father's grave)
Status: Deceased
Relatives: Landen Wrynn (great-grandfather), Adamant Wrynn (grandfather), Varia Wrynn (grandmother), Llane Wrynn (father), Varian Vrynn (brother), Tiffin Wrynn (sister-in-law), Anduin Wrynn (nephew)
Mentors: Anduin Lothar
Uther the Lightbringer
Students: Marcus Jonathan
Mathias Shaw


Boromir Wrynn was the son of the late King Llane Wrynn and the older brother of the current King of Stormwind, Varian Vrynn. He was a valiant warrior known in Stormwind for his greatness, having already achieved great merit in Stormwind prior to the Second War. His strength and forceful mood made him a great commander of Stormwind who would have protected his people no matter what. Even the people of Lordaeron, particularly Arthas, admired him. He succeeded his father as King during the Second War and ruled the kingdom for a short period of time until he assassinated at the height of the Second War through the Orcish Horde's doing. His death brought sadness and sorrow throughout the human kingdoms, especially to his younger brother Varian who admired him and his death caused Varian to hate and despise orcs.