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Birthname: Hakeem Suleiman Warsame
Also known as: Cassidy
Born: March 5, 1993 (age 18)
Origin: Los Angeles, California
Genres: Hip Hop
Years active: 2005-
Labels: Dynasty Entertainment / Bigg Swangg Muzic

Luqman Woods, better known by his stagename Big L, is an African-American rapper of Jamaican and Somali roots..

Rap CareerEdit

Luqman started rapping back in the sixth grade in which wrote a number of rhymes on sheets of paper. Cassidy has been active in the underground rap community making mixtapes, taking part in dozens of contests on Youtube, freestyling at school or on the streets as well as performing in a number of media companies like Street Zone Ent., KushTV, Kriminal Records, and others. He released his independent-released debut album,"B.A.R.S" which featured many hits like "The Abstract", "Alphetical Slaughter" ft. Buckwild, and "Pass The Dutch".

Early Life & Personal LifeEdit

Luqman was born in Los Angeles, California to African-American father Jayceon Woods and Somali-American mother Aaliya Woods. He lived in Los Angeles, CA for twelve years until moving to the Middle East. Ever since moving, Cassidy attends Abu Dhabi International PVT School. He is a chain smoker of many strains of marijuana like OG Kush, BC Bud, Northern Lights, Afghan Kush, & Pineapple Express, also smokes Marlboro Reds, Midwakh, Swisher Sweets, and Cuban cigars.



2011: B.A.R.S