Released: April 20, 2010
Recorded: 2009-2010
Genre R&B, pop, hip hop
Label: Konvict Muzic / Jive
Producers: Akon, Benny-D, Knobody, Shawn WMS, T-Pain, David Guetta, Cool & Dre
Singles: "Right Now (Na Na Na)"
"Bananaza (Belly Dancer)"
"Real Love"
"Locked Up" ft. Young Jeezy
"Be Easy"
"Bad Girl"
"Bye Bye Baby"
"The Comeback" ft. Tha Dogg Pound
"Yeah!" ft. Lil Jon, Ludacris, & Young Jeezy
"No Diggity" ft. Dr.Dre, Black Street
"What Goes Around / Comes Around"

Confessions is the debut album by Massari released on April 20, 2010 in the United States, and May 8, 2010 worldwide.

Track ListingEdit

Disc 1
1. "Better Days" ft. The Game (produced by Cool & Dre)
2. "Paradise" ft. Krayzie Bone (produced by Shawn WMS)
3. "Bye Bye Baby" (produced by Shawn WMS)
4. "Real Love"" (produced by Knobody)
5. "Westside" (produced by Akon)
6. "So Lonely" (produced by T-Pain)
7. "Locked Up" ft. Young Jeezy (produced by Cool & Dre)
8. "Life" (produced by Benny-D)
9. "Yeah!" ft. Lil Jon, Ludacris, & Young Jeezy(produced by David Guetta)
10. "Pulling Me Back" ft. Field Mob (produced by T-Pain)
11. "Be Easy" (produced by Akon)
12. "Bad Girl" (produced by Benny-D)
13. "Sweet Lady" (produced by Benny-D)
14. "The Comeback" ft. Tha Dogg Pound (produced by Cool & Dre)
Disc 2
1. "I Remember" (produced by Knobody)
2. "One Day" ft. Layzie Bone (produced by T-Pain)
3. "Soulja" (produced by T-Pain)
4. "Bananaza (Belly Dancer)" (produced by Benny-D)
5. "I Don't Know" ft. Jagged Edge (produced by Akon)
6. "No Diggity" ft. Dr.Dre, Blackstreet (produced by Akon)
7. "Happy Song" (produced by Cool & Dre)
8. "Deep" (produced by Shawn WMS)
9. "What Goes Around / Come Around" (produced by Knobody)
10. "The City Is Mine" ft. Jay Z (produced by Akon)
11. "Gonna Get You Gome" (produced by Cool & Dre)
12. "Joy" (produced by Knobody)