Gorgoroth's ForcesEdit

Gorgoroth's forces is a term referring to the armies that Gorgoroth gathered under his banner over time after secretly and officially defecting from Illidan's forces to the Burning Legion. All of Gorgoroth's forces are apart of the Burning Legion


- Host of Suffering: Death knight order under the command of Gorgoroth's right hand man, Illifar. These group of deathknights defected from the Knights of the Ebon Blade in favor of serving under Gorgoroth's banner. Among these group of dark warriors includes the powerful vrykul deathknight Baelok, Rokir, Sapph, and Thorval.

- The Underblade: They are the elite warrior caste of Gorgoroth, that mostly consists of Felguards, Abyssals, Infernals, Fel Orcs, Fel Blood Elves, Felstalkers, &Satyrs.

- The Eclipsion: Legion of blood elf troops loyal to Gorgoroth only. They are led by Varedis.

- The Shadowstalkers: Large group of renegade forsaken that act as Gorgoroth's personal spies and assassins.

- The Malevolence cult: They are a very religious band of mortal warlocks, mostly blood elf and orcish, committed to serving aswell worshipping the Burning Legion. They are lead by none other Gorgoroth himself, who runs the cult as Supreme Overseer.

- The Ravager: Gorgoroth's personal battleship. His crew consists of forsaken, and blood elves.