Imohtep the Inciter
Title: The Inciter
Gender: Male
Race: Human (Demon)
Level  ?? (Elite)
Character Class: Necromancer, Sorcerer, Fighter, Warrior (Current) Priest (former)
Affiliation: The Burning Legion, Malevolence [current], Arathi tribe [former]

Kil'Jaeden's personal spy and assassin, Supreme Overseer of the Malevolence cult, Chief Infiltration Specialist of the Burning Legion (current), Chief Advisor to Galahad, High Priest of the Azotha tribe (former)

Status: Alive
Mentors: Sargeras

Imohtep the Inciter is the Chief Infiltration Specialist of the Burning Legion, Supreme Overseer of the Malevolence cult, and one of Kil'jaeden's most favored and trusted servants, as well as serves as Kil'jaeden's personal assassin and spy. He was once the High Priest of the ancient Azotha tribe and Chief Advisor to Galahad who was the leader of the Azotha tribe at the time until Imohtep defected to the Burning Legion which was over ten thousand years ago. He was the first human to learn Necromancy and Fel magics.


Imohtep was born more than fourty years before the Great Sundering and lived for a period of time in the ancient city that was later on known as "Zin-Azshari", where his father was training to be druid and it was during this time that Imohtep became close friends with Azshara until their teens when they fell in love. Both he, who said his sad goodbyes to his lover Azshara, and family,after a many years of living in Suramar, returned to the main Azotha village, where Imohtep returned so that he could train to become a priest. Years after he returned to the village, Imohtep was now the High Priest of the Azotha tribe and taught the young Azotha about the Titans, and how to worship them. During the time of the War of the Ancients, Imohtep knew that the world would never be the same again, so he secretly defected to the Burning Legion, and both him and Illidan conspired against the Kaldorei Resistance and others with similar reasons: Illidan was heartbroken that Tyrande fell in love with Malfurion not him, and Imohtep who still loved Queen Azshara but did not know that she saw Sargeras as a suitable mate. Imohtep was given the powers of Necromancy and other unlimited powers which made invincible and even stronger than Mannoroth and Tichondrius themselves combind and Sargeras taught him to use those powers. With his new powers, he killed a number of powerful obstacle like the High Priestess Dejahna, the demigod Agamaggan, and Kurtalos Ravencrest. His descent in darkness furthered even more when both he and Illidan were discovered taking vials of water from the Well of Eternity by both the Azotha leaders and Kaldorei leaders, though Imohtep drank a large amount from the Well itself which made immortal like the night elves. Due to his treachery, He was sent to be mummified, buried alive, and forced to be cursed with ancient Azotha curse called Horn Dai. His tounge was cut out but before he swore an oath that he would return and also called out for his master Sargeras.