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Jealous One's Envy
Released: Febuary 16, 2011
Recorded: 2010-2011
Genre Westcoast hip hop, G-Funk, Gangsta rap, Latin rap
Labels: Aftermath Entertainment
Producers: Whosane?, L.A Posse, Fingazz
Singles: "Twinz (Deep Cover '010)" ft. Sen Dog
"Shit Is Real"
"La Raza"
"Flow Joe"

Jealous One's Envy is the upcoming first studio album by Fat Joe that is to be released under Dr.Dre's label Aftermath Entertainment.


1. "This Shit Is Real" (produced by L.A Posse)
2. "Twinz" ft. Sen Dog (produced by Dr.Dre)
3. "Ride Wit Me"
(produced by Dr.Dre)
4. "Only Tha Strong Survive" ft. Slim Da Mobster (produced by Dr.Dre)
5. "La Raza" (produced by Fingazz)
6. "We Ride" ft. Roscoe (produced by Lord Finesse)
7. "Waked Up, Fucked Up" (produced by Fingazz)
8. "When I Die" ft. Lil Cuete (produced by Fingazz)
9. "Bring Em Back" ft. Sen Dog, Ghostface Killah (produced by Mel-Man)
10. "Lowrider" ft. Sen Dog (produced by Dr.Dre)