Ring names: Osiris
Alistair Fifita
Height: 6 ft 4 in (193 cm)
Weight: 250.5 lb
Date of birth: September 23, 1975 (age 35)
Place of birth: Los Angeles, Californua
Resides: Broomall, Pennsylvannia
Billed from: The Isle of Tonga
Trainers: Jake "The Snake" Roberts
Affiliation(s): N/A
Theme music: DMX - "It's Dark And Hell Is Hot (Intro)" (WWER)
Children of Bodom - "Lake Bodom" (BGJ)
Federation(s): WWE Damage Inc

WWE Impact! BGJ

Debut: October 15, 1997

Martyr (born September 23, 1975) is an American professional wrestler who is currently competing for WWE Damage Inc, and various other independent promotions. He is famously known for competing in Big Garbage Japan, Elite Class Championship Wrestling, Lords of Pain Wrestling, and Xtreme Wrestling Organization (xWo) and made his name famous overseas. He is well known for his technical prowest and his innovated finishing moves, but unfortunately also for his hard nose tactics in the ring as he feels nor shows any remorse nor respect for his opponent.

Martyr was one of the senior performers for LPW, having appeared on the debut episode of Pyromania 1.1, of which he became a signature member of the brand as well as he was one of the co-. Taking his power from "The Higher Power", Scorpio uses his "powers" to play mind games and psychologically torture his opponents. He founded the Dark Brotherhood stable with his younger brother Ash Strife , an intimidating tag team that dominated every federation that they've appeared on as well as was one of the original members of nWo Poison faction. Although initially criticized for his untraditional character, Scorpio revolutionized LPW as a pioneer of supernatural-themed characters, influencing a new generation of e-wrestlers and was called by many as beyond a shadow of a doubt the most complex, dark and charismatic enigma in history.

Overall, Martyr has been one of the most successful e-wrestlers in the E-wrestling universe; He has countless championships, Awards, tournaments, and haa founded many matches that include: the infamous DeathCube Match, Asperity of Sin Match, Deathbed Match, the notorious Scorpion Deathmatch, Clockwork Orange House of Fun match, Raven's Rules match and Hangman's Horror match.