Released: August 22, 2010
Recorded: 2010
Genre Westcoast hip hop, Gangsta rap, Christian rap, Hardcore hip hop
Label: Lench Mob Records / Boneyard Records
Producers: DJ Quik, Teak & Dee Underdue, Johnny J, DJ Crazy Toones, Bud'da, Cold 187um, DJ Yella
Singles: "Ride Wit Me"
"Fire" ft. Damian Marley
"Lowrider" ft. Sen Dog
"Indo Smoke" ft. Warren G & Nate Dogg
"Summertime Anthem" ft. Ray J

Represent is the debut solo album of Fat Joe, then known as Fat Joe da Gangsta, released on August 22, 2010 under Boneyard Records (T-Bone's label), and Lench Mob Records. It was written by T-Bone, and executively produced by Ice Cube, and co-produced by Dr.Dre, DJ Quik, Teak & Dee Underdue, Johnny J, Bud'da, and others. It spawned eight singles that includes smash hits like "Ride Wit Me", "Fire" ft. Damian Marley, "Lowrider" ft. Sen Dog. Guests include Damian Marley, Mr.Criminal, Twista, Nate Dogg, Kokane, Sen Dog, and others. This album has sold over 70,000 albums worldwide, and is certified as platinum. T-Bone was awarded two grammy awards for his singles "Ride Wit Me", and "Fire" ft. Damian Marley.

Track ListingEdit

1. "Da Intro" (produced by DJ Crazy Toones)
2. "We Ride" (produced by Bud'da)
3. "I Luv Cali (in the Summertime" (produced by DJ Quik)
4. "Fire" ft. Damian Marley (produced by Bud'da)
5. "All We Smoke" (produced by Johnny J)
6. "" (produced by Teak & Dee Underdue)
5. "Summertime Anthem" (produced by
6. "Mami Mira" ft. Mr. Criminal, Young Maylay, & Nate Dogg (produced by DJ Quik)
7. "Don't Get It Twisted" ft. Twista (produced by Cold 187um)
8. "Lowrider" ft. Sen Dog (produced by Bud'da)
9. "40 oz" ft. Knightowl (produced by Teak & Dee Underdue)
10. "You Don't Want None" ft. Kokane, WC, Lil Demon, & Weeto (produced by Johnny J)
11. "3 in the Morning" ft. Kokane (produced by DJ Quik)
12. "Gangsta Love" (produced by DJ Crazy Toones)
13. "From the 216 to the 213" ft. Layzie Bone (produced by DJ Yella)
14. "Indo Smoke" ft. Warren G, & Nate Dogg (produced by Bud'da)
15. "Smokin N Tokin" (produced by Teak & Dee Underdue)
16. "Ride Wit Me" (produced by DJ Quik)
17. "Da Outro"