The Legacy
Members: see below
Name(s): The Legacy
Debut: 2009
Promotion(s): WWER

The Legacy is a villianous super stable that currently wrestle on WWER's SD! Brand. The primary goals are to make sure their leader Randy Orton stays as the WWER Champion, and to establish their legacies.

- Randy Orton (leader)
- Cody Rhodes
- Ted DiBiase Jr.
- Brett DiBiase
- Sim Snuka
- Reid Flair
- Terry Gordy Jr.
- The 3-Minute Warning:
-- Umaga
-- Rosey
-- Manu

Wrestling Facts:- -- Nicknames:- - The Viper, The Legend Killer (Randy Orton's nicknames)
- The American Nightmare (Cody Rhodes' nickname)
- The Samoan Bulldozer, The Samoan Wrecking Machine (Umaga's nicknames)
- The Samoan Storm (Manu's nickname)
- Priceless (A nickname used by the tag team of Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase Jr, sometimes with Manu aswell)
- The Sons of Samoa, The Samoan Fight Club, The Samoan Gangstas, The Samoan Gangsta Party (nicknames of the Legacy's 3-Minute Warning
- Ray Geezy, Ray Gordy (nicknames used by Terry Gordy Jr.)
- Solo Snuka, Jimmy Snuka Jr. (nicknames used by SIm Snuka)
- RO-Z, Mack Daddy Kane (nicknames used by Rosey)

-- Entrance Themes:- - "It's a New Day" by Adelitas Way (entrance theme of The Legacy)
- "Voices" by Rich Luzzi (entrance theme of Randy Orton)
- "Priceless" by Jim Johnston (entrance theme of Cody Rhodes, Ted DiBiase Jr, Brett DiBiase, Terry Gordy Jr., and Reid Flair)
- "I'm All About Cool" by Jim Johnston (entrance theme of Sim Snuka)
- "3 Minute Warning" by 2 Skinnee J's (entrance theme of the Legacy's 3-Minute Warning)

-- Finishing Moves:-
-- Randy Orton's finishers
- RKO (Jumping cutter)
- Running punt to an opponents head

-- Cody Rhodes's finishers
- Cross Rhodes(Spinning facebuster)
- The Silver Spoon DDT (DTT)

-- Ted DiBiase's finishers
- Million Dollar Dream (Cobra clutch)
- Dream Street (Cobra clutch slam)
- Cobra clutch legsweep

-- Sim Snuka's finishers
- Crack 'em in da Mouth (Running low–angle big boot to the face of a seated opponent)
- Superfly Twister (Corkscrew splash)
- Jumping hook kick

-- Reid Flair's finisher
- Figure four leglock

-- Terry Gordy's finishers
- Bridging German suplex
- Diving leg drop
- Diving splash with theatrics

-- Umaga's finishers
- Samoan Spike (High speed thumb thrust to the throat)
- Wild Monkey Splash (Diving splash)
- Reverse piledriver
- Super Samoan drop

-- Rosey's finishers
- Running corkscrew leg drop
- Sitout swinging side slam
- Samoan drop

-- Manu's finishers
- Lights Out (Belly to back suplex lift dropped into an elevated neckbreaker slam) - Samoan Storm (Fireman's carry wheelbarrow facebuster)
- Storminator (Side slam)
- Diving headbutt
- Frog splash