Tha Life of a Hoodlum
Released: August 22, 1996
Recorded: 1995-1996
Genre Horror core, Hardcore hip hop
Label: Deathrow Records
Producers: Dr.Dre (Exec)
Singles: "Throwing Out The Wicked"
"When Thugz Cry"

Tha Life of a Hoodlum is the second solo album of Westcoast rapper T-Bone that was released on August 22, 1995 on Deathrow Records. It spawned three hit singles: "Throwing Out The Wicked", and "When Thugz Cry". The album is notorious for content and it's controversial songs like "History of Violence", "Dance With The Devil", and "Fuck tha Police". The song "Fuck tha Police" caused T-Bone to receive a letter from the F.B.I just like what happened to him when he was with the N.W.A years ago, "History of Violence" was banned from the radio. The songs "Dopeman" and "Fuck tha Police" are remixed covers of the original N.W.A songs that he himself helped create back in the day.

T-Bone considers this album as his most darkest, and deepest album, and it is in fact the most controversial albums ever, and still sold over a million copies worldwide.

This album also contains many venomous and spiteful diss tracks towards the Eastcoast rappers.

Track ListingEdit

1. "Tha Patriot Act (Intro)"
2. "Throwing Out The Wicked" (Diss to the whole Eastcoast)
3. "Culver City Psychopath" (Diss to the whole Eastcoast)
4. "Tha Dark Message"
5. "Smell Your Death"
6. "Sad Glock Homicide" (featuring Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube) (diss to the Eastcoast)
8. "Grim Reaper" (diss to Biggie Smalls)
9. "Dance With tha Devil"
10. "Psycho Realm Revolution" ft. B-Real
11. "Mo Murda"
12. "Fuck tha Police"
13. "Morbid Saint"
14. "History of Violence"
15. "Dopeman"
16. "Evil Never Dies" ft. Brotha Lync Hung & Sicx
17. "Redrum"
18. "Grave Digger"
19. "Red Killa" (diss to Bad Boy Records)