Highmountain tribe
Thunderhorn Clan
Main Leader: Sulamm
Previous Leaders: Grok Thunderhorn
Races: Tauren
Capital Thunderhorn Village
Theater of Operations The Barrens, Thunder Bluff, Stonetalon Mountains
Affiliation: The Horde
Status: Active

The Thunderhorn Clan is a tribe that is well-known for being made up of the fiercest warriors, greatest hunters, and finest blacksmiths among the tauren, and the Horde itself. The tribe also has several notable members who fought (and still fight) the Burning Legion. Though many of the Thunderhorn tauren remain in Thunderhorn village, many members are known to be nomadic and are found throughout Azeroth all the way to the cold continent of Northrend, and even in Outland.


  • Huln Thunderhorn - Spokesmen of the tauren that helped during the War of the Ancients
  • Grok Thunderhorn - Husband of Henen; Father of Taim, Bashana, Melgromm, Arnak, & Nida; Older Brother of Tagar, & Bovan; Former Chieftain
  • Trag Thunderhorn
  • Gorn Thunderhorn - Father of Trag
  • Ornamm Thunderhorn
  • Sulamm Thunderhorn - Chieftain of the Thunderhorn Clan
  • Melgromm Thunderhorn
  • Taim Thunderhorn - Brother of Ravak
  • Tagar Thunderhorn
  • Bovan Thunderhorn - Advisor to Cairne Bloodhoof
  • Henen Thunderhorn - Wife of Grok; Mother of Taim, Basha, Melgromm, Arnak, & Nida (Deceased)
  • Bashana Thunderhorn
  • Arnak Thunderhorn
  • Holt Thunderhorn
  • Urek Thunderhorn
  • Kary Thunderhorn
  • Bosun Thunderhorn
  • Torm Thunderhorn
  • Ker Thunderhorn
  • Sark Thunderhorn
  • Delgo Thunderhorn
  • Sunn Thunderhorn - Wife of Ravak
  • Ravak Thunderhorn - Husband of Sunn; Brother of Taim
  • Nida Thunderhorn